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Amazon Tours – Full Day Sandoval Lake Lodge: Trip Adventure is a Full Day Tour of sandoval lake  is a short

Price per person: USD 317

 tour for those who have limited time of 1 day only and want to visit the Sandoval Lake Reserve and observe wildlife that lives here and see what nature provides naturally.  To get there we have to take an outboard boat about 5 kilometers and walk where you will visit lake Sandoval in our typical native canoes and they will only use oars to mobilize from one place to another in Amazon tours.  Lake Sandoval lodge is not authorized to use outboard motors because it makes a lot of

sandoval lake lodge

noise and the species that live there are not used to it.  You will appreciate Sandoval Lakes Fine landscape and birdsong sounds of the lake together with the air and be able to see and hear the species revolving and frolicking around.  The majestic sunsets and wildlife to looking to rest near the Sandoval lake lodge in the Amazon tours.


  • Length: 1 Days
  • Type of service: Private or Group
  • Location: Southern Peru, Madre de Dios Department to Puerto Maldonado,  Sandoval Lake Lodge
  • Activities: Amazon Peru Sandoval Lake Lodge, palm Tree  Clay-Lick , Long Walk , Trip by Canoe, amazon tours, sandoval lake
  •  139 – 400 m.a.s.l.
  • Best time to visit: All Year
  • Departure: Every day
  • Minimum of participants: 2
  • Maximum of participants: 10
  • Price per person:   USD


  • Service level: Sandoval lake Reserve
  • We will  pick you up from the airport or bus stations in our bus.
  •  We take our boat about 45 minutes, and then We register in the Sandoval Reserve.
  • We will walk 5 kilometers or about 2 hours
  • 12:00 pm: Lunch typical food of the amazon the is name is juane
  • 1:00 pm: we go canoe rowing in the Sandoval Lake Reserve.
  • We start to explore in our conoe where you will see giant river otters, caiman ,turtle,birds ,monkeys ,macaws ,
  • Walk in the  reserve
  • 4:30 pm: We will go back to the river Madre de Dios where our boat waits on us to return to puerto Maldonado City.  End of our tours.

Amazon Tours  to Sandoval Lake Lodge – Day Tours

After breakfast, we get on the boat to sail for 10 minutes and then change for land transportation riding for two hours until the Capitania Port in Puerto Maldonado. There, we board a motorboat again and navigate down the Madre de Dios River watching animals such as turtles, caimans, lizards and others around its shores. After about half an hour, we get to a checkpoint of the Sandoval Lake Reserve.

We pass a check and start walking for 5 km to reach Sandoval Lake where we take a canoe bringing us to the Sandoval Lake , There, we accommodate ourselves and after lunch we return sailing the lake to see its typical inhabitants – giant river otters, black caimans, a prehistoric bird shansho, herons, cormorants, kingfisher, etc. For dinner, we return to the lodge to later get back to the lake again, this time to undertake an evening caiman observation because caimans are nocturnal animals. Our professional naturalist Tour Guide shows and explains to us about these animals. Afterwards, we get ready for a return way boarding a canoe again to sail over the Sandoval Lake followed by a walk to the checkpoint and from there sailing the Madre de Dios River by a motorboat towards Puerto Maldonado. We pick our baggage up in our office and then, we are transferred either to the airport or the coach terminal.

End of service Sandoval lake lodge in Amazon Tours

Included Amazon Tours  to Sandoval Lake Lodge :

  • A professional naturalist Tour Guide;
  • Motorboat transportation;
  • Private vehicle land transportation;
  • Entrance fee to the Sandoval Lake Reserve
  • Meals:  1x lunch,  and drinking water (Please note: vegetarian option upon request for no extra cost!)
  • First aid kit, including a poison extractor, mosquito bite treatment and an antidote for a snake bite;
  • Radio communications
  • Rubber boots.

Not included in the Amazon Tours  in  Sandoval Lake Lodge

  • Any flight nor airport departure taxes;
  • Travel insurance;
  • Vaccination;
  • Drinks;
  • Tips to local staff.

What to take with you to the Amazon Tours  to  Sandoval Lake Lodge

  • Mosquito repellent (DEET 35 recommended as a MINIMUM!!),
  • Original passport,
  • Small backpack,
  • Long sleeved cotton shirts (preferably green coloured),
  • Long cotton trousers,
  • Cotton long socks (to be put into your trousers),
  • Comfortable walking shoes,
  • Sandals or light shoes,
  • Rain gear (e.g. rain poncho),
  • Sweater (for the beginning of the tour in Andes and the cloud forest only)
  • Swimsuit;
  • Binoculars (we also rent it),
  • Camera and its charger,
  • Plastic bags to be used for clothes and a camera,
  • A hat as a protection against the Sun or rain,
  • Toiletries,
  • Small towel,
  • Toilet paper,
  • Sunscreen,
  • Sunglasses,
  • Flashlight (with spare bulb and batteries),
  • A bottled water (1 litre as a minimum),
  • Pocket money (Soles) to buy some beverages and souvenirs as well as to tip.



Recommended by TripAdvisor Sandoval Lake


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Amazon Tours to Sandoval Lake  Lodge :





sandoval lake lodge

Trees of the Wetlands  in Amazon Tours : Diverse palm trees of the wetlands in Amazon Tours, the Amazonian palm trees are characterized more by their abundance through its diversity. Although estimates on the number of palm species vary significantly, they could have between 2,300 and 2,600 species worldwide. The taxonomy of palms in the new world is relatively advanced, thanks to the recent work of Andrew Henderson and colleagues, although many species are divided as studies progress. Henderson and colleagues recently reduced to little more than half the number of palm species believed to exist in the tropics. They attributed this reduction to a broader species concept and the growing number of collections made in the past two decades. Finally, estimated that at least 10% of the species of Amazonian palm in Amazon Tours belong to “species complex”, defined as “widespread species and variables usually contain forms more or less distinct, together with others for intermediaries in sandoval lake lodge.


However, the palm has been relatively collected very little in the Amazon Basin of Amazon tours because of the vastness of the area involved, the difficulty of access to many areas and the fact that many plant collectors prevent the palms due to the difficulty of preserving and transporting such large fronds and fruit. Amzon shields paeru tours Brazil and Guyana have certainly collect and describe species for science.  Floodplains and wetlands habitats are well represented in collections because of their palms like amazon tours; Aguajal (Mauritia flexuosa) of the Middle River amzonas of Peru and Brazil. This moisture is flooded with sewage from a stream and rainwater Amazon tours.

Relatively easy access. Analysis of diversity of wetland palms focus mainly on taxonomic opinions concerning Astrocaryum and Oenocarpus. For example, Andrew Henderson recognizes one species and eight varieties of Astrocaryum murumuru propose 13 separate species. If Astrocaryum murumuru division in several species is widely accepted the occasional presence of species in the western highlands floodplains near the Andes, subject only to minimal flooding, is added to the lists of wetland palms, then the diversity of palm trees of the Amazon wetlands should be considered in greater species amzonas Amzon tours in peru as in most families of plants, palm trees are more diverse in the highlands in wetland.

This is probably due to the uplands that occupy more space and at least 95% of the Amazon basin and ecological constraints imposed wetlands. In general, the palms have shown to be within the top 10 families in the Amazon basin in terms of gender, but in western Amazonia, mainly in Peru, this is not true as nor gender nor species, because the great diversity of other plant groups in the Amazon and amazon tours in sandoval lake lodge.

Lumbeous Rail Birds Live  in Amazon Tours :

Common around lakes, marshes and wetlands between 200m – 4200m. Large greenish beak with small blue and reddish parts, brown plumage across its back. Chest and belly gray. The immature have a softer brown all over its body, some approaching almost defined gray color in adulthood.

amazon tours

 Proposal for Change Master Plan Bahuaja Sonene : The protected areas are areas of the country that the state protects, to constitute a representative sample of the natural heritage of the nation. Peru being the Mega diverse country, internationally recognized as such Candle the integrity of ANP 62 among which are the Bahuaja Sonene established by Supreme Decree No. 012-96-AG (19 July 1996). The Bahuaja Sonene National Park covers an area of 1628 hectares and covers 469.25 the departments of Puno and Madre de Dios, has a high biodiversity, It has unique ecosystems for Peru, as is the tropical savannah and rates Special forests as the cloud forest of low altitude. INRENA for proper handling these ANP, has several planning tools such as zoning. Which is set in the Plans Teachers. For the Bahuaja Sonene National Park, specifically in the Colorado sector and Bias Point Four, this zoning is incompatible with the use given to these areas, causing a conflict in relations between the Park headquarters and population. Both sectors Colorado Bias Point Four, belonging to Zone Recovery and Special Use Zone, home to settlers established before PNBS creation and subsequent to it, using the lands for agricultural. This situation threatens the conservation of biodiversity in that sector and the possibility that the cleared areas extend further into the PNBS. It is therefore necessary to define the area for the zoning change, according to the possession rights acquired before the creation of PNBS, adjusting through delimitation of areas with agricultural activities, combining with Park conservation objectives and interest possessor. This report aims to describe the proposed rezoning Colorado Sector and Bias Point Four to solve conflicts both social sectors. This work aims to solve the ongoing conflicts that are generating with the administration of ANP and villagers land users. This situation puts threatening biodiversity conservation in this sector and the possibility that deforested areas extend further into the PNBS

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